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ATWT ALUMS EXPECTING (Soap Opera Digest online - June 25, 2015) Congratulations to Austin Peck (ex-Brad, ATWT et al) and wife, Terri Conn (ex-Katie, ATWT), who are expecting their second child together. The couple welcomed daughter, Keira, in 2012. Their blended family also includes Conn's daughter, Julia, and Peck's sons, Aidan and Roman. Peck posted the following photo on Twitter with the caption: She's cookin all right...and almost ready.

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Home & Family (Soap Opera Digest - January 12, 2015) After taking time out of the spotlight to raise her children, AS THE WORLD TURNS alum Terri Conn is ready for a comeback.

"I miss acting," admits Terri Conn, who after 12 years on AS THE WORLD TURNS as the popular Katie went on to play ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Aubrey from 2010-11. Conn, who began working in the biz shortly after deciding to be an actress during her junior year of college, muses, "I didn’t realize how difficult it was when I was first starting out! I was young. I was like, 'Oh, it’s just gonna happen.' I mean, it’s almost like ignorance is bliss. So it’s tougher now that I’m older and understand the business and the realities of it."

Conn has gratitude and affection for her years in daytime. "I appreciated what I had at the time, but even more so now looking back on the lifestyle that being on a daytime show provides like, 'Wow, we had it good!' " she says. "I miss it like crazy! It was such a big part of my life for so long. I actually have this recurring dream that it's the last day of AS THE WORLD TURNS and I don't know my lines and it’s a mixture of the actor's nightmare and, I guess, my experience of pretty much growing up in that place and having so many close friends that felt like family, and all of a sudden it was ending. And I cry every time, and then I wake up and I’m crying. And it sticks with me for at least that next day, if not longer. I mean, I’m kind of getting like that just talking about it because it was such a big part of my life. Most of all, I miss the camaraderie and feeling like I belong to something greater than just me. It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences that I know was so special and I knew at the time was so special, and I think that's why I still have those dreams about it because I do miss it and I do cherish it. I would love to do it again, but it’s just a different world now. I don't know if that's in the cards for me, but I'm definitely open to it."

With no soaps left in New York, Conn is looking to stay busy with other projects. "It's so funny because they say there's more in New York than there has been in forever, but I have not had a lot of auditions lately." she shrugs. "But I am doing a film. We were supposed to shoot in November, but they postponed until March to accommodate a cinematographer that they really want, which l'm glad to wait for that because it's such an important part of the process. We'll be shooting in Atlanta. It's called Daughters and it's a faith-based film, which I'm really excited to be a part of because it's so important for me to have quality family content out there, which there really isn't a lot of."

To that end, Conn and husband Austin Peck (ex-Brad, ATWT: ex-Austin, DAYS et al) are looking to create their own feel-good entertainment. "There's a lack of happy, inspiring, good television," she points out. "Everything seems so dark, where the bad guy wins and you're rooting for the bad guy. It’s just not what we grew up with and it’s not what we want our children to grow up with. So we're like, 'Well if no one else is creating it, we'll create it!' We have a couple of things that we're starting to write, but l'm one of those people where I get all these ideas in my head and I'm not so fantastic at executing them. I need to find someone to collaborate with who can actually get it down on paper. We're working hard on that."

Conn, who met Peck on ATWT and married him on July 1, 2011, reports that their union is going strong. "It's great! We're still in the honeymoon stage, which I'm really excited about. I really love him and we’re best friends and just have a really good time together. That’s why we miss working together. But even having auditions is fun. It's like working together again because we'll help each other out."

The couple welcomed daughter Keira on November 6. 2012. "Austin calls her my 'mini-me.' He’s like, 'I don't see me in there at all,’ but I do in her eyes and her expressions. She’s a trip. She's 2 now and completely showing the 2-ness, if that’s a word [laughs]! It’s really fun. I love parenting with him, which I've gotten to experience with the other kids, but now Keira is ours together, so it's different. He's such a good dad and he’s so good with kids, but to see him with our little girl, there's nothing like it. He's so sweet with her."

Being able to be a hands-on mom to Keira and Julia, 10. has been a rewarding time for Conn. "I'm getting to have that stay-at-home mom experience that I couldn't fully have before because I was working so much when Julia was young," she reflects. "And I'm loving it and realizing how important it is to be able to spend quality time with your kids while they're little because it does go by so fast."

But that doesn't mean she isn't ready to go back to full-time work. "It's been nice to have a respite from the craziness and just be a wife and a mom, but I want both [laughs]." she declares. "I think this time has brought us to that point where we say. 'Okay, this is what's most important, so we’re going to continue to foster our relationship and our family, but with that, let's go out and create and be creative again,' because we're creative, artistic people. If we don’t have that going on as well, there's something missing. So I'd say we're primed from the last couple of years from not working so hard on the shows to get back into it, but I think from a more wiser and grounded place of really knowing what we want. I don't just want to be an actor anymore. I want to create content that teaches and inspires and I'm proud of."

just the facts…

...Birthday: January 28

...Here And There: "I moved around a lot as a kid because my dad was in the Air Force, so I had a lot at different experiences and I think it's helped me be the person that I am today. I can adapt really well. You gotta make the most at what you have."

…Getting Personal: Conn wed ATWT co-star Austin Peck (ex-Brad et at) on July 1, 2011. They welcomed daughter Keira on November 6, 2012. Conn has daughter Julia, 10, from a previous marriage. Peck has two sons, Aidan,12, and Roman, 9, from his first marriage.

...LA. Woman: East Coast-based Conn says she and the family would move to Los Angeles. "I would actually like to do that just to be close to my stepsons and have a different experience for the girls, too."

...Oakdale Connection: "I actually just went out to LA. to do some auditioning in May and I stayed with Trent [Dawson, ex-Henry] and his amazing wife."

...Kiss The Cook: "I've learned that I'm actually really good at cooking and I really enjoy it. Now I have the time and it's actually a stress reducer for me. I really love when the kids love it, too. But Austin really is a great cook, too, and we like to do it together. Ideally, w'd pop open a bottle of wine, put on some music and cook together and make a night of it."

...Must-See TV: ONCE UPON A TIME, THE WALKING DEAD. "And we watch a ton of documentaries."

Scaled Down: Focusing on family gave Conn some perspective on the pressures at being on camera. "I really wanted to make a point to enjoy not worrying about my weight as much," she admits. "So I threw away my scale and when I wanted to work out I did and when I didn't, I didn't [laughs]. So I'm in a much healthier place there, as well, although now I'm gearing up again for pilot season and to shoot the movie, so I’m gonna have to reel it in. It's just part at that business. I just joined a gym near me and they have amazing dance classes, which is what I grew up doing. And I enjoy it! I don't feel like I'm going to work out. I started taking spinning, which I hated years ago. I look forward to it now instead of looking at it as. 'I have to do this because I have to be skinny because I have to be on TV.' And it's not as important to me as it used to be. I was not in a mentally healthy place with that and now, I feel like I am. So even though I’ve gained 10 pounds I’m like, 'Oh well, whatever.’ Maybe it'll change my casting and I can get different roles. I've struggled because I've been in this business for so long. I've never been in a place where l was happy. I look back now at pictures at certain times in my life, and because of being on the show, I can go online and look at pictures of myself, every year, every month almost, and I go. 'Oh, my God, look how thin I was back then,' and I was still not happy at the time, and that's not right."

Picture Caption… Good Times: "I really love him and we're best friends and just have a really good time together," says Conn of hubby Austin Peck (ex-Austin, DAYS et al).

Picture Caption… My Girls: Conn has appreciated the time at home with daughters Julia, 10, and Keira, 2.

Picture Caption… Friends Forever: Conn keeps in touch with Oakdale pals like Trent Dawson (ex-Henry).

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